Don’t Undermine the Goal of our National Liberation Built up on Bravery & Sacrifice of our Great Heros: TGTE

Don’t Undermine the Goal of our National Liberation Built up on Bravery & Sacrifice of our Great Heros: TGTE

Our Moral Duty towards our Great Heroes is to work for their Great Ideal COLOMBO, SRI LANKA, November 27, 2015 / — • Tamils cannot be enslaved while the memories of our heroes are alive. • Heroes’ expectation is politics based on ideals. • Heroes fought for freedom; never had an idea of ethnic cleansing. • Heroes regretted the wartime situation that made them evacuate the Muslims. • It is the responsibility of the present generation to document the sacrifice & the humanism of the heroes to be passed to future generations. • UN resolution mandates a domestic accountability mechanism with some ingredients of a hybrid mechanism; likewise a unitary political solution with some Federal ingredients will be put forward by the present regime. Today is Our National Heroes’ Day. This is the day of commemoration for our fighters who sacrificed their lives for the cause of the liberation of our mother nation. They gave new meaning to bravery and sacrifice in the pages of the dictionary; they made the thirst for national liberation of the Eelam Tamils known to the world. This is a day when we delve deep into our memories of those great men and women. On this day when people feel so strongly about their Heroes and honor them in their heart, the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam joins the Tamil Diaspora the world over in respectfully bowing down to salute them. Our nation has sacrificed not one, two, ten, hundred or thousand but more than 40,000 fighters in its liberation struggle. When the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) were carrying on the war, our people held their heads high and said, “We are not subjects to anybody, nor do we fear death.” Our heroes enabled us to live with moral pride that we are a fighting people. The memories of our Heroes will last forever in the hearts of our Tamil people for generations to come. Our Heroes overwhelmingly fill the abode of our hearts with their eternal presence in our collective memories. They have been the shield and armor of the liberation spirit of our people. The enemy has understood that he cannot enslave the Tamil people while the memories of our Heroes are alive in their hearts. He is well aware that his ambition of gobbling up the homeland of Tamils will not be fulfilled while their hearts throb with the memories of our Heroes. He is scheming to prevent at any cost those memories from being passed on to the next generation of Tamils. Destroying the memorials of our Heroes and preventing the people from paying them homage are only meant to serve this ulterior motive. Having this in mind, he is trying to erase the memories and sacrifices of our Heroes from the annals of history. It is the plan of the Sinhalese to depict our Heroes as terrorists before the eyes of the future generations of Tamils. By locking up the present generation of Tamils in occupation, and terrifying them into a fearful psyche, the Sinhalese propose to restrict the memories of our Heroes to the people who lived during the war. They think they can produce govt. school textbooks portraying the Heroes as terrorists and establish them as such in history; as if it was an armed gang that killed people, assassinated leaders, engaged in ethnic cleansing, imposed taxes, and terrorized the people with arms and ruled tyrannically; and as if the Sinhalese forces sacrificed their lives to rescue the Tamil people from its atrocities, saved them and gave them a new life. According to the Sinhalese, the history of our Heroes is thus a history of terrorists. Mind you, the Mahinda Rajapaksa regime called its military operation of genocidal war an humanitarian operation. It is up to us — the present generation — to preempt such a scenario. It is our responsibility to document the true stories of valor and vigorous zeal of our Heroes, their sacrifices, and their relentless humanism. It is for our scholars, writers and creative artists to shoulder this great responsibility. Their works should be published not only in Tamil, but also in many important languages of the world. It is the responsibility of our generation to record the life and dream of our Heroes in whatever form possible, such as research works, historical documents, life sketches, short stories, fiction, dramas, films, poetry, songs, drawings, paintings, photography, etc. We must do all this as an important part of our respect given to Heroes. Dear People! Tamil people gave their verdict to remove the tyrannical rule of Mahinda Rajapkase, and to punish him for imposing a horrible war on them with genocidal intent. But the new rulers of Sri Lanka have been exploiting that same verdict for measures that would destroy the very thirst of the Tamil people for freedom. Since Mahinda Rajapakse was removed from power, the Sri Lankan Govt. has broken out of its isolation from the entire world. The powerful countries of the world support the present Sri Lankan Govt. Compared to the period of the Rajapakse regime, the US Govt. favours the Ranil-Mythri Govt. The new rulers also have the support of India. They maintain a relationship with China that does not cause any pressure on them. The change of regime in Sri Lanka is not merely a domestic happening. It was a scheme devised at the world level. Not only Sinhalese leaders but Tamil and Muslim leaders were also participants in this plot. The prime purpose of this move for regime change included the interests of such countries such as the USA and India. And these countries pay more attention to shape the foreign policy of Sri Lanka in accordance with their own interests than to the desperate needs of the Tamils. For their own purpose, these countries want a peaceful situation in southern Sri Lanka. They are very particular that the hardliners of southern Sri Lanka should not weaken the present regime by wielding the weapon of Sinhalese nationalism. At the same time, we come to know that, in order to remove Makinda Rajapakse from power, the Mithri-Ranil-Chandrika alliance made some promises to the leaders of the Tamil National Alliance. Even though the Tamil National Alliance leaders have not made those promises public, there has been enough leakage of news for us to come to certain conclusions. The issue of political solution is said to be an important part of this deal. Thiru Sambanthar, leader the Tamil National Alliance, promised the people during the elections that a political solution on a federal basis would be achieved by the year 2016. The standpoint of the TNA has been that the Tamil people should be recognized as a nationality and only on the basis of self-determination and the Tamil homeland should a federal solution be found. This idea was also put forward in the TNA’s parliamentary election manifesto. It is now being learnt, however, through the information available that the leadership of the Tamil National Alliance had agreed, even before the parliamentary elections, to accept a new constitution based not on a federal setup, but a unitary one. This approach may be compared to the one found in the resolution proposed by the USA and adopted by the UNHRC in Geneva. The resolution of the UNHRC, in effect, recommended only a domestic investigation mechanism. Some ingredients were put into it in order to show it off as a hybrid mechanism. Likewise, the new constitution proposed to be drafted may not state explicitly that it shall be unitary, but essentially it will be a unitary constitution. By citing some system of devolution of powers from the center, it might be argued that this is also federal. The Sinhalese will never recognize that the Tamils are a nationality, that the North East are the traditional homeland of Tamils, and that the Tamil people are inherently entitled to the right to self-determination. Any political arrangement made without such recognition will never be a permanent solution to the national question of the Tamil people. Here we should consider carefully the dreams of our Heroes. Our political activities should be in accordance with their wishes so that their souls rest in peace. What our Heroes expect from us is that our political activities should be ideal-based. Political ideal here means that our political activities should be aimed at seeking the recognition of Tamils as a nationality, of the North East as the traditional homeland of Tamils, and of the Tamil people’s right to self-determination as naturally belonging to them. We should work accordingly to achieve a political solution for the national question on these lines. We can never give up these fundamentals bequeathed to us by our Heroes. The Tamil leadership has the moral duty to adopt and follow them. Our leaders should sincerely follow these cardinal standpoints. These should not merely be election-time slogans. It does not suffice for us to consciously cherish the memories of our Heroes in spirit, but we must also politically follow in their footsteps. Ours should not only be a homage paid to their martyrdom for the sake of our land and people, but a politically cherished respect of the objects for which they laid down their lives. Our dear Heroes fought just for the freedom of their own land; they had no desire to occupy any others’ homeland. They never had the idea of ethnic cleansing. Our Heroes recognized the existence of the Sinhalese nation. They wanted to arrive at an agreed reconciliation with the Muslim people. They considered that the North East area is the homeland also of the Muslim people. They really regretted the situation during war which made them evacuate the Muslim population. We should put in all our best endeavours to realize the dreams of our Heroes. Our immediate task is to monitor the measures taken by the Sri Lanka Govt. regarding the resolution of the UNHRC and strengthen the demand for an international judicial investigation. As for the political solution, we have the other immediate task of expanding the support base for a separate Tamil Eelam through a peoples’ referendum and work for the same. It is such a standpoint that alone will be truly democratic regarding our national question.

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