Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam Met at British Parliament – Joined by Several international dignitaries


Eighth Sitting of the 3rd Parliament of the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) met to discuss issues of importance to Eelam Tamil’s Struggle

Two layers of discussion took place on how a Nation without a state & how a future state of Tamil Eelam should approach challenges of Food Security, Environment and Foreign Policy.”— Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE)LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, December 9, 2022 / — The Parliamentary sitting of the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) was joined by British Members of Parliament and TGTE Members of Parliament from around the world along with its Members of the Senate, Advisory Committee, Ethics Commission, and Election Commission.


TGTE TV broadcasted the sitting live and thousands viewed it from around the world.

TGTE Parliament debated several issues of importance to Eelam Tamils and about the Tamil National Struggle in today’s context and its priorities for the years ahead. Reports from the Cabinet of Ministers as well as the annual budget was tabled at this Parliament Sitting.

THEME: The Theme of this year’s Parliamentary session was ‘Tamil Eelam and the challenges of Food Security, Environment and Foreign Policy’

Two layers of discussion took place on these three issues. One is on how a Nation without state should approach these issues. Other is how future state of Tamil Eelam should approach these issues.

1) The Covid pandemic, the Ukraine war and corrupt /short sighted political leaders have created a massive food crisis in many parts of the world. Food security is a major challenge globally as well as locally. Discussion and deliberation will be centered on how the Eelam Tamil nation – a nation without a state – can achieve food sovereignty. It will also focus on how, after achieving statehood, Tamil Eelam can contribute food security for itself and for the world.

2) Climate change is other major catastrophe that all of humanity faces. South Asia is expected to be impacted the most by changing weather patterns that will bring very high temperatures, excessive rainfall as well as regular spells of drought. All this will impact food production, soil fertility, ability of people to work outdoors and could also trigger mass migration. Tamil Eelam, with or without a state of its own, will have to face this challenge head on and contribute to mitigating the impact of climate change, to the best of its abilities. The TGTE parliament will discuss the ways and means through which the Tamil Nation can mitigate the damage to the environment resultant from climate change. Like with respect to food security, discussion will also focus on how the tomorrow’s state of Tamil Eelam can partner with other members of the international community to save the planet.

3) Finally, the TGTE parliament, taking into consideration the historic linkage of Tamil quest for statehood with geopolitical dynamics, will discuss what kind of foreign policy to adopt to realize it’s political goal – the establishment of an independent and sovereign state of Tamil Eelam. The discussion will also focus on what kind of foreign policy, tomorrow’s Tamil Eelam should have to ensure security and friendly relations across the globe.



The Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) is a democratically elected Government of over a million strong Tamils (from the island of Sri Lanka) living in several countries around the world.

TGTE was formed after the mass killing of Tamils by the Sri Lankan Government in 2009.

TGTE thrice held internationally supervised elections among Tamils around the world to elect 132 Members of Parliament. It has two chambers of Parliament: The House of Representatives and the Senate and a Cabinet.

TGTE is leading a campaign to realize the political aspirations of Tamils through peaceful, democratic, and diplomatic means and its Constitution mandates that it should realize its political objectives only through peaceful means. It’s based on the principles of nationhood, homeland, and self-determination.

TGTE seeks that the international community hold the perpetrators of war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide against the Tamil people to account.

TGTE calls for a referendum to decide the political future of Tamils.

The Prime Minister of TGTE is Mr. Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran, a New York based lawyer.

Twitter: @TGTE_PMO Email: Web:

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