We are deeply grieved by the demise of a multi-faceted personality in Thamizhini! TGTE

We are deeply grieved by the demise of a multi-faceted personality in Thamizhini! TGTE

Let her memory give strength to the political dream of Eelam Tamils! COLOMBO, SRI LANKA, October 20, 2015 /EINPresswire.com/ — The world Tamil Diaspora is in deep grief following the news of the death of Thamizhini, who had served as the Head of Women’s’ Political Division of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. The Transnational Government of Tamil Ealam (TGTE) pays homage and its salute to Ms Thamizhini, who had dedicated her life to the struggle for realizing the dream of a free Eelam Tamil nation in which women would live in equality and with all due rights, in a society known for its social justice. We join Tamils around the world in mourning her demise and conveying our deep condolences to her family. The achievements of women cadres of Tamil Eelam in the battle field as well as in the political and social arenas, under the guidance of our National Leader, attracted the attention of whole world. The Eelam Tamil liberation struggle had produced many wonderful and rare women leaders. Due to the rigid set of values that existed in society in relation to women, their capacity to perform successfully in so many fields remained as an un-established fact in Tamil society until the emergence of the women fighters of LTTE as high achieving modern women and as capable leaders in many fronts. Among them, Thamizhini established herself as an exceptional performer with the highest qualities of leadership, and she worked very hard to fulfill her vision of an equal role for women and men in the liberation struggle for Tamil Eelam. Having made her voice heard against a variety of social ills, Thamizhini was steadfast in her role in the struggle while carrying forward the conviction that national liberation, social liberation and women’s liberation in the Tamil homeland ought to be won through the creation of an independent and sovereign State of Tamil Eelam. The eighteen years of a life of struggle had enabled Thamizhini to stand tall as a seasoned and mature fighter and leader, while acquiring the ability to attract people with her ideas. Through her clear, soft and friendly ways of conversing, she raised the stature of the Tamil Eelam Women’s Political Division which she led. Thamizhini had earned the respect and admiration of all the Sinhala and international women activists, media persons and diplomats whom she met. The events of May 2009 and the occupation of the Tamil Eelam homeland by the genocidal Sinhala armed forces meant that Thamizhini and thousands of freedom fighters became unfortunate prisoners of war of the Sinhala Nation. The pain and grief undergone by our fighters, whose thirst for freedom made them stand up for their rights, could never be captured in words. Which freedom fighter would tolerate the sufferings of her people who had all been plucked out of their own soil and held in detention centres, or watch the destruction of their Tamil Eelam homeland which had been built with blood and toil of their own comrades in arms and the people? Such was the situation Thamizhini found herself in as well. The information reaching us about how the Sinhala armed forces tortured Tamil fighters who were held as prisoners of war brings us immeasurable pain on the one side and indignation and moral anger on the other. Thamizhini also endured extreme punishments before being released from the grip of the Sinhala State. Thamizhini entered family life in latter days and also began to reveal herself as a creative writer capable of bringing out her memories and emotions via poetry and fiction. Her outputs demonstrated her capacity to produce many creative works which would be etched in history as recordings of her role in the freedom struggle and her suffering in captivity. Had she lived a little longer, we have no doubt she would have proved herself capable of everlasting creations, serving for the welfare of women and children, and a social activist intent on a society built on social justice. The last respects paid to Thamizhini by Tamils in the homeland, in the Diaspora and all over the world, remain as evidence that those who fought genuinely for the freedom of people are held in high esteem in their hearts. It is certain that the memories of fallen heroes like Thamizhini will continue to inspire us all to find meaning and strength for the political aspirations held by those fallen heroes.

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