Sinhalese Students Accept Military Should Leave Tamil Areas and Referendum for Political Solution


Sinhalese and Tamil University students met in Jaffna.

JAFFNA, SRI LANKA, March 13, 2023 / — Sinhalese students led by Wasantha Mudalige, the covenor of Inter University Students’ Federation (IUSF) met with Tamil Jaffna University Student Union leaders in Jaffna to explore means to work together to abolish Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA). But the Jaffna University Tamil students urged the Sinhalese students to first address long standing Tamil grievances to which Sinhalese students agreed.

Tamil University students gave a memorandum., including mail grievances:

  1. Tamil people, whose homeland is the North East, are a unique nation with a unique language, religion, and cultural identity.
  2. United North Eastern Provinces are the traditional ancestral homeland of the Tamil people.
  3. Tamils are entitled to autonomy.
  4. As a nation self-determination belongs to Tamils and that they have the right to determine their political destiny through it.
  5. Tamils should be given the opportunity to decide their political destiny through an internationally supervised and conducted referendum.
  6. Justice should be given through the international justice mechanism to those who have been subjected to genocide, genocide, and forced disappearances.
  7. Sinhalese occupational army stationed in the Tamil homeland should be withdrawn immediately.
  8. Occupied Tamil lands should be released immediately.
  9. 6th Amendment Act of the Sri Lankan Constitution should be abolished, and a political space should be created for the Tamil people to express their political aspirations.
  10. Prohibition of Terrorism Act (PTA) should be repealed and the Tamil political prisoners languishing in jails for a long time should be released immediately without any conditions.
A permanent solution to the Tamil National question and thereby a solution to the economic problem can be reached only where the agreement on the above matters.

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